Energy Efficiency Loans - Cook County Energy Efficiency Program

ARRA funding for this program has been exausted at this time. Delta is currently seeking funds to continue this work.  If you are interested in getting on our waiting list, let us know by filling out an application.

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Also Available: Customized financing options include micro loans, bridge loans, and incentive loans. Contact us for details.


The Delta Institute and GreenChoice Bank are offering financing for energy efficiency retro-fits and related soft costs as recommended by investment grade audits performed through the Cook County Energy Efficiency Program (or by equivalent audits). Delta may also finance renewable energy projects when efficiency standards are met.

All loan applications will be received and reviewed by Delta for initial eligibility. Final loan review and approval will be completed by a committee of representatives from both Delta and GreenChoice. Loans will be processed in accordance with GreenChoice’s internal credit and loan policies.



  • Range: $25,000 - $500,000
  • Term: Up to 7 Years based upon payback period of retrofit
  • Rate: Competitive market rate and fees based on business financial metrics



Eligible borrowers must be:

  • Commercial or industrial facilities
  • Located in eligible areas of Cook County
  • In possession of a qualifying energy audit less than 1 year old
  • Financially capable to repay the loan
  • Implementing energy efficiency improvements that have a payback time equaling less than 75% of the loan term
  • In compliance with federal requirements
  • In possession of facility insurance and collateral

Delta and GreenChoice Bank reserve the right to decline any borrower that may not meet its credit guidelines.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Revolving Loan Fund? Businesses can save money by saving energy. But implementing energy efficiency measures requires an initial capital investment. Delta is partnering with Green Choice Bank to offer competitive, flexible loans to businesses interested in investing in their energy-saving capacity.

Who can apply for financing? This program is available to eligible facilities that:

  • Completed an energy audit in the last 3 years or are willing to complete an energy audit now (click for information on free audits also available through Delta);
  • Desire an affordable loan to invest in facility improvements identified in the qualified energy audit;
  • Are located in eligible areas of Cook County; and
  • Meet the lender’s financial underwriting requirements.

The program requires an energy audit, but I don't have one - how can I get one? The Delta Institute's Cook County Energy Efficiency Program offers a full suite of services, including a free energy audit. Use the menu to the left to learn more abou the full range of program options.

How can I get started? Fill out an application. Or, contact Victor Couto at or (312) 554-0900 x19.