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The Electronics Issue… In the last 10 to 15 years, rapid growth and technology changes in electronics have led to an increasing turnover of computers, tablets, phones, display screens, printers and other electronics.  Consequently, businesses – and households – have seen steady growth in the volume of their electronics needing safe and cost effective end-of-life management. 

Electronics being disposed of are commonly referred to as e-waste.  The word e-waste, however, is a misnomer because it implies that such electronics have no value.  The term e-scrap may be more appropriate since up to 99% of the materials making up an electronic product are recyclable and have monetary value in secondary markets.

Guidance for Businesses… This website provides guidance to businesses regarding best management practices for purchasing, recycling and reusing electronics.  Recycling electronics appropriately assures that data security and confidentiality is maintained and that risks to the environment and human health are minimized. Procurement strategies such as buying EPEAT-registered electronics, reducing the quantity of electronics purchased, or using take back programs can further these goals.

The six modules at the top of the page help businesses determine cost effective and risk minimizing strategies to manage their electronics. Information is provided through fact sheets, videos and case studies.


Sustainability Reporting alert!! The Electronics Toxic Calculator can compute electronic related toxics that you can keep out of the environment simply by using best management practices.

Electronics Toxics Calculator thumb

Try out our Electronics Toxics Calculator!


Explore the E-Waste Landscape

Wondering how electronics related toxics enter and move through the Ecosystem?  Check out our Ecosystem and Electronics interactive image map!

E-Waste and the Ecosystem thumb

Try out our E-Waste and the Ecosystem interactive graphic!


Eco-EMS Paper

For a deeper look into how electronics related toxics affect our ecosystem, access Delta’s paper “Ecosystem Impacts of Electronic Waste in the Ohio Lake Erie Basin” here.

Ecosystem Impacts of Electronic Waste in Lake Erie

Ecosystem Impacts of Electronic Waste in Lake Erie. Click to read.


E-waste Survey – Coming in 2013! 

The Delta Institute surveyed Illinois companies to identify barriers to implementing electronics best management practices.  Delta will be creating strategies to overcome these barriers to increase E-waste recycling.  Check back later this month for survey results!

Company Case Study

Delta’s team of consultants worked with 5 Ohio companies to assess their practices for managing electronics and E-waste and to provide recommendations for implementation of best management practices to promote recycling and reduction of e-waste.   Access the case study here!

Case Study: Electronics Management in Five Ohio Businesses

Case Study: Electronics Management in Five Ohio Businesses. Click to read.