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Recycling + Security

Photo by Flickr user Seth Anderson - recyclers can help ensure electronics are managed responsibly at their end of useful life. To manage risks – such as data security, and health and safety of workers – there are several recycler certifications. Common recycling industry certifications include ISO 14001, R2, R2/RIOS, E-Stewards and National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).

NAID certification of recyclers helps identify those with high standards for information destruction services, including computer hard drive destruction. This certification provides businesses, including those in the financial and legal industry, reassurance about data confidentiality. Certain data destruction methods, such as the US Defense Security Service standards, also help ensure data is cleaned and sanitized appropriately before or during e-waste recycling.

In addition to standards for recyclers, several states, counties and municipalities have laws or guidelines for public agencies disposing of electronics. Often they allow – or even mandate – public auction or sale of government-owned surplus equipment and supplies. This can have benefits, but also inhibit government agencies’ control of the e-waste stream, especially if legislation is not in place to ensure proper e-waste collection and disposal. Measures that apply to the way Ohio’s public agencies manage e-waste are examined in detail.

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Fact Sheet 4 - E-Waste Recycler Certifications

Fact Sheet 4 – E-Waste Recycler Certifications. Click to read.

Fact Sheet 7 - Recycling for Local Public Agencies (Ohio Case Study)

Fact Sheet 7 – Recycling for Local Public Agencies (Ohio Case Study). Click to read.

Fact Sheet 9 - Maintaining Data Security When Recycling

Fact Sheet 9 – Maintaining Data Security When Recycling. Click to read.


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