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What is E-Waste?

"Old Technology." Taken by flickr user Francisco Delatorre - E-waste is important for businesses because it affects cost management, sustainability reporting, health and safety, and data security.  Keeping electronic data confidential is needed to minimize or eliminate liability under recent regulations such as HIPAA and FACTA.

This module explores e-waste by discussing the characteristics and categories of E-waste or E-scrap that businesses are managing.  The steady increase in the number of electronics being disposed of and the reasons for this growth are addressed.  Legislation around E-waste is touched upon.  However, for more information regarding state laws and federal regulations related to e-waste, refer to the E-Waste Laws page.

Scroll down for more information on this topic, including detailed fact sheets, videos and references.

Fact Sheet 1 - What is E-Waste and Why is it an Issue?

Fact Sheet 1 – What is E-Waste and Why is it an Issue?







What is E-Waste?

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